Our mother lives independently with dementia and was becoming increasingly dependent on us for her daily needs. During this difficult time, the wonderful team of carers from DBAM Solutions stepped in to aid with mum’s care. All the staff have been so supportive, friendly and always there not just for Mum, but all of us. The wonderful team ensures to keep us updated and informed about all aspects of her care. Mum is very happy with the kind of care she is receiving, and this gives us peace of mind knowing Mum is safe and being care for by such wonderful people.

Reynolds Guljar

My father has early on-set Alzheimer’s and is confused most of the time. He also finds it difficult to remember new stuff and this frustrates him. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and respect the team showed my dad. They have been very understanding not only to him but the family as well. They have found a way of communicating with dad and this is of great relief.

Steve Mugarura

Very professional and ensure to wear masks, use gloves and aprons, use hand sanitizer and wash their hands on a regular basis. Nan is 88 and she has suffered a stroke before. Knowing that the team puts into consideration that she is a vulnerable adult makes me feels at ease whenever they are attending to her care needs.

Elena Fisher

“She is always smiling when she comes in and that instantly puts me in a better mood” says my 91 year old nan in regards to her carer Mary.

Muhammad Lakhan

My father has daily visits from the carers. He says that they ensure to ask for his opinion on everything before they do anything. He enjoys having conversations with them and a regular cup of tea as they keep him updated on the world.

June Roberts

My dad is 89 and rarely leaves the house so the carers are practically the only people he sees. His delighted by the kind of care his receiving.

Jennine Collin

Fantastic carers. Visited a friend of mine for lunch and found one of her carers there. She was so nice and engaged in the conversations we were having.

Ritah Magnevez

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Whether you require our compassionate care services for a beloved family member or for yourself, the care professionals at DBAM Solutions LTD will tailor a custom service plan that takes all your unique needs into account.

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